There’s no doubt that looking and feeling your best is important. These days your social calendar often sets the precedent.

Cosmetic dentistry can help.

Not just for looks

Your appearance matters. And it’s more appealing when it’s supported by your health.

Healthy teeth and gums are synonymous with an attractive smile. That’s why some cosmetic dentistry procedures start with oral health improvements.

For example, tooth colored dental fillings are effective for replacing your old, worn silver (amalgam) fillings. The materials used improve your appearance and restore the damage caused by decay.

Dental inlays and onlays also have a cosmetic dentistry and a restorative dentistry benefit. The porcelain materials are effective for filling larger areas of decay with a natural looking restoration.

For your health (and your next social event)

A few cosmetic dentistry treatments can enhance your confidence for your upcoming important life events. Plan in advance ahead of a pending wedding, reunion, vacation, or other social function and schedule your consultation and treatment now.

Teeth whitening is a popular procedure for starters. A professional whitening treatment is fast and can brighten your teeth up to 10 shades in one in-office appointment.

Dental bonding is another treatment that focuses on the surface areas of your teeth. The procedure is an alternative to porcelain veneers and it can prevent cavities and decay by restoring your teeth that have been chipped or cracked.

Add cosmetic dentistry to your preparations for an upcoming life event. Your treatment decision can improve your health and your smile confidence.

Contact your dentist in Washington, DC or McLean, VA about available cosmetic dentistry treatment. Schedule an examination to discuss procedures and their impact on improving your oral health and your appearance.