Dr. Gary Kaihara and Jennifer Giannini presented yet another well received lecture on Aging And Your Teeth. This time we presented to The Dupont Circle Village.

The Dupont Circle Village is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that connects members to one another, provides information, cultural and social activities, services, and supports. Membership enables Villagers to maintain their health and homes as they embrace the benefits and challenges of aging.

The venue was an old historic 5 level home built in 1922, which is now home of The General Federation of Women's Clubs. It was very impressive.

Dr. Kaihara presented a plethora of information about common dental issues that we can acquire as we age. Jennifer added to the portion on the effects and potential causes of Xerostomia (dry mouth), while taking the lead on the discussion of the etiology, stages, treatment and potential systemic links with periodontal disease.

The members of the village were very enthusiastic with their comments and questions. Their questions were meaningful ones. Jennifer did some research after the lecture, on one of the questions that was asked, regarding inflammation vs. infection. Jennifer felt like elaborating on this subject and plans to get in touch with the inquirer to make sure her question was answered satisfactorily.

Gary & Jennifer:

We can't thank you enough for your helpful and informative presentation today! We truly appreciate your taking the time to prepare and deliver it to our group. Many attendees told me how valuable they thought it was and how impressed they were with your knowledge and approachability. You are a terrific example of a great team!

Also, thank you for the "goody bags." Attendees at our programs don't usually receive such generous takeaways and they were thrilled! How nice of you! As I mentioned to Jennifer, one of the attendees, who is a retired journalist, will write an article about today's presentation for our newsletter, which is circulated to 200+

Dupont Circle Village members and numerous friends of the Village. We want to make sure that those who weren't able to attend today's session will also have access to some of the information that you presented.

Again, a BIG and sincere THANK YOU!

Beth Merricks Live & Learn Committee Dupont Circle Village