Tooth loss can prompt you to make a few decisions. The first one would of course be what tooth replacement to choose.

Your answer depends on the circumstances related to your missing tooth or teeth. There are factors to be considered.

Dental implants and a dental bridge are two leading tooth replacement solutions. There are advantages to both and one might have an edge on the other.

What a dental bridge does (and doesn’t do)

A dental bridge is a common option for restoring your tooth function and appearance. It uses the support of your surrounding teeth on either side of your tooth gap to create an attractive and functional tooth replacement.

There’s one disadvantage to be aware of when you’re considering a dental bridge. It has to do with an issue that can result from tooth loss if you’ve delayed treatment.

Bone loss can occur in your jaw following the loss of a tooth. Your bone tissue relies on a healthy, functional tooth root to stimulate its ongoing health.

Oral health problems can develop when your bone begins to deteriorate. Bone loss affects your decision between a dental bridge and dental implants for tooth replacement.

Some advantages to consider

The advantage would tip toward dental implants, especially when bone loss is in question. The anchoring effect of a dental implant gives it an edge over a dental bridge in this instance.

Dental implants are unique for keeping your bone tissue stimulated. Again, bone tissue health depends on a tooth root to occupy the space in your gums and jawbone.

Dental implants provide you an attractive new tooth on the surface. Your dental implant structure will match your surrounding teeth in appearance and function.

Dental implants support your adjoining teeth. The implant creates a new tooth root that’s anchored securely to your jawbone.

Dental implants have a long lifespan. In most cases, a dental implant exceeds a 95% success rate as a tooth replacement and can last more than 20 years without being replaced.

Contact your dentist in Washington, DC or McLean, VA to discuss your tooth loss circumstances. Schedule an oral examination to get more information about tooth replacement by comparing a dental bridge with dental implants.