It’s a leading solution for your tooth loss problem. And there’s a reason that it creates substantial results.

Dental implants deserve top billing as a cosmetic dentistry superstar. Because it’s an oral surgery procedure the healing period plays a major role in your outcomes.

Time on your side

Implants rely on the health and quality of your gum and bone tissue. Your dental implant creates a solid, new tooth root and anchor point for your functional tooth on the surface.

Your available bone tissue is a key factor in your treatment success. This makes it necessary to allow for healing to occur following the placement of your implant.

The healing time frame can be extended if you require a bone graft. Otherwise count on your healing period (post-placement) to require an average of two to four months.

The health of your dental implant and ongoing function relies on its adapting to your bone and gum tissue. This process (ossiointegration) assures that the implant securely forms a new tooth root.

Benefits that outweigh the risks

A fully restored and functional tooth is the major benefit of your dental implant treatment. The healing period allows your implant to become the new root structure to support a dental crown on the surface (above your gum line).

It’s also essential to monitor your gum tissue during the healing period. Any gum inflammation could form an infection and impact the bone tissue that supports your implant.

Periodontal (gum) disease is a threat to your gum and bone tissue. Weakened, diseased bone tissue will also weaken your dental implant.

You can reduce or eliminate that risk by keeping your dental implant healthy along with your bone and gum tissue. Regular dental checkups help monitor your implant, gum, and bone health.

Teeth cleanings are also recommended every six months. This oral health priority keeps your surrounding teeth and gums healthy and supportive of your dental implant.

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