Preventive dentistry answers many questions and concerns about your dental health. Remember that some action is better than no action.

Your risk for cavities, tooth decay, gingivitis, and gum disease significantly increases when you do nothing. Why not prioritize preventive dental care and reduce your risk?

Take responsibility for your oral health. The upside is much better than leaving your teeth and gums to chance.

Two Preventive Dentistry Priorities to Help You Take Charge of Your Oral Health

At-home dental care

Brushing and flossing remain as your go-to oral hygiene habits. Each are effective for removing the sugars and other build-up from your tooth surfaces.

Oral bacteria are a primary threat to your teeth. Your tooth surfaces, the areas between your teeth, and the tooth portions below your gum line are vulnerable to bacteria.

Plaque and tartar on your tooth surfaces allow bacteria to thrive. Plaque hardens into tartar and creates a perfect environment for bacteria to multiply.

Tartar that remains on your teeth can creep down under your gum tissue. This can result in gum disease if it’s not effectively removed.

Your dentist and dental hygienist

It’s vital that you support your at-home dental care with professional preventive dentistry. Schedule an appointment with your dentist and dental hygienist a minimum of two times per year.

Problems with your teeth are not always visible or painful. Missed or ignored symptoms can produce tooth damage and more costly dental treatment.

A dental examination and teeth cleaning is recommended every six months. This preventive dental care solution supports your at-home dental care routine.

Your dentist and dental hygienist have the expertise and equipment to remove dental plaque and the hardened tartar from your teeth. When necessary, dental x-rays provide a deeper perspective to spot decay and other threats to your teeth and gums.

Take charge of your dental health. Some action is better than no action for protecting your teeth and gums.

Contact our Washington, DC or McLean dental office about preventive dentistry. Schedule you and your family’s next dental examination and teeth cleaning to support your at-home dental hygiene.

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