You may have heard that fluoride is in the water you drink. And you’re correct.

The bigger questions (dentally speaking): is it necessary and is the amount you consume enough?

The reason for fluoride

Your tooth enamel is the focus of attention when discussing fluoride. More important is your desire to protect your enamel.

Tooth decay begins when your tooth enamel is weakened or unprotected. The assault occurs as result of the foods and beverages you consume daily.

Acid is the enemy. If your diet is high in acidity you can expect your tooth enamel to erode over time.

Fluoride creates a protective barrier. It protects and strengthens your tooth enamel and enables it to withstand the frontal assault of your dietary choices.

Acids have a more difficult time penetrating your tooth surface (enamel) when fluoride is “standing guard.” Fluoride restores and repairs those areas of your teeth that have been weakened.

For development purposes

Children’s tooth enamel is especially vulnerable. Fluoride application during their tooth development years is effective and recommended.

It’s essential to your dental health that you increase your resistance to common dental problems. Most are associated with having weak or eroded tooth enamel.

Fluoride is a good defense for you and your child. It can also protect your oral health if you have certain dental issues including frequent dental cavities, a history of gum disease, treatment involving dental braces, dental crowns, a dental bridge, and teeth whitening, and dry mouth.

The question about fluoride is best answered with a “Yes.” It’s an essential part of keeping your teeth and gums healthy and disease free.

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