Maintaining your oral health can be easier during certain times of the year. And there are seasons when it’s more challenging.

Starting with trick-or-treat and moving into the holidays happens to be one of those challenging periods. Why?

You have more access to the sugary foods, snacks, and beverages you enjoy. But there’s less risk to your dental health if you prioritize preventive dentistry.

Designed to last

Your teeth and gums are durable. They’re made to last a lifetime.

This “warranty” of sorts will extend for many years if you’re aware of the threats. A portion of the risk includes the choices you make in your diet.

The real issue

Oral bacteria are the primary concern. They’re consistently present in your mouth but their impact increases when you let your guard down.

Bacteria enjoy sugar as much as you do. In fact, they feed on the sugary substances that are allowed to remain on your teeth and gums.

As they multiply they migrate deeper into your gum tissue. Ignore their growth there and you can experience decay, cavities, and gum disease.

Two solutions

The impact of oral bacteria that progresses with sugar consumption can be reduced and eliminated.

1-Personal awareness about the diet and dental health connection

Proper diet is an essential starting point. I realize it’s not always easy to be consistent especially during seasons with tempting food choices.

Ask your dental hygienist and me about oral hygiene solutions to safeguard your teeth and gums.

2-Lead with preventive dentistry

First, at home, brush and floss your teeth consistently and daily for optimum tooth and gum tissue health.

Next, schedule professional dental care. Routine dental examinations and professional teeth cleanings atleast two times per year will help assure that your teeth and gums are free from bacterial build-up and potential damage.


Agree to the treatment that’s recommended. Treatment will preserve your oral health and save you costs on further dental procedures.

Contact your Washington D.C. or McLean, VA dentist about the essential diet and dental health relationship. Schedule you and your family’s next dental examination and teeth cleaning.