Dr. Benjamin Watkins The mirror doesn’t lie. Your reflection tells the truth about your appearance.

Products and procedures promise to reduce the signs of aging. Anti-wrinkle gels, cosmetics, skin treatments, facelifts, and day spas help you look your best.

And what about your teeth?

There’s a fast and easy way to enhance your overall appearance and especially your smile. Teeth whitening and other cosmetic dental procedures are now a more convenient and cost-effective solution.

You have two options for achieving whiter teeth with a whitening or bleaching treatment. Choose the convenience of an at-home whitening kit or the fast and noticeably effective in-office professional teeth whitening treatment.

Beware of substitutes

Over-the-counter whitening methods are popular. They are less costly but the results are less effective than what you can experience in our dental office.

You don’t have to look older when you smile

Your teeth age naturally. Certain lifestyle choices can also add years to your smile.

Coffee, tea, red wine, smoking, and normal wear on your tooth enamel affect the appearance of your teeth.

Even dentures can yellow or appear grey. In fact, your dentures can actually stain and show wear faster than your natural teeth.

It’s recommended that your dentures be evaluated if you’ve worn them for longer than six years. New dentures should be made and fitted every six to ten years and relined every three to five years.

Improve your smile and look younger

Bleaching is a common first step to achieving a more youthful looking smile. The treatment brightens your teeth and significantly improves their appearance.

The improvements to your tooth enamel will be noticeable following a bleaching procedure. If you choose, porcelain veneers can completely transform the color, shape, and appearance of your teeth.

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